Raufen mit Regeln / Roughhousing with Rules

Get Your Kids Active and Engaged with Roughhousing with Rules: Taught by Experts in Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu, Yoga, Art Therapy, Aikido, and Shiatsu

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to get your kids moving and active? Look no further than our Roughhousing with Rules program, taught by experts in Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu, Yoga, Art Therapy, Aikido, and Shiatsu.

Our experienced instructors bring a unique and holistic approach to physical activity, combining the playfulness of roughhousing with the discipline of rules and structure. With a focus on safety and mindfulness, your kids will develop physical strength and coordination while learning valuable social skills like communication, respect, and cooperation.

Taught by a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu, a Yoga Teacher with 20 years of experience and a degree in Art Therapy and Counseling Therapy, an Aikido master with over 30 years of experience, and a Shiatsu practitioner, our program is designed to meet the needs and interests of children of all ages and abilities.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your kids the gift of physical activity and social development. Enroll them in our Roughhousing with Rules program today and watch them thrive.


Raufen mit Regeln

“sicher und gesund austoben”

Für wen:

Kinder ab 6 bis 9 Jahre

weitere Gruppen in Planung

Wann :

Montags 16:30 – 17:30

weiteren Terminen in Planung


Ramyun Dojo,

Spichernstr. 8, 10777


Körperbetontes Training mit Übungen zur Balance, Dehnung, Kraft und Koordination

Gedächtnis-, Konzentrations- und 

Kommunikations- übungen als Teil des Spiels

Übungen aus Yoga

Übungen aus Jiu-jitsu- Sanuces Ryu und Bodentraining

Übungen aus Aikido


Standard: 40€ / Monat

Härtefälle werden gesondert berücksichtigt



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