Raufen mit Regeln / Roughhousing with Rules

Get Your Kids Active and Engaged with Roughhousing with Rules: Taught by Experts in Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu, Yoga, Art Therapy, Aikido, and Shiatsu Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to get your kids moving and active? Look no further than our Roughhousing with Rules program, taught by experts in Jiu Jitsu … Read more

Selbstverteidigung – Grundkurs

Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich Veranstalter: Stu-Do by Ramyundojo GmbH Trainer/Kursleiter/Dozent: Dr. Raphael Kwaku Finn, 6. Dan Jiu-jitsu Sanuces Ryu  jiu-jitsu Schüler seit 1994 jiu-jitsu Trainer Lizenz seit 2004 jiu-jitsu Trainer in Berlin seit 2010  12. Schülergrad EWTO Arzt Zeitlicher Umfang: Kompaktkurs 3,5 Stunden an einem Tag Inhalt des Kurses: Rechtliche Grundlagen der “Notwehr” in Deutschland Physiologische … Read more

Yoga Course

Transform Your Mind and Body with our Talented Yoga Teacher: Join Our Unique and Enlightening Yoga Lesson Today Welcome to our yoga lesson with a truly talented teacher! Our experienced instructor has a deep understanding of the practice and will guide you through a transformative yoga experience that will leave you feeling more grounded, centered, … Read more

Jiu Jitsu Workshop

Information Join Dr. Finn and the “Kampf Kunst Forum Berlin” to train the Sanuces Ryu – Pia System.

Jiu Jitsu (Sanuces Ryu)

Welcome to our Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu program taught by a medical doctor with over 20 years of experience in the art. Our instructor brings a unique perspective to the practice, combining medical knowledge with years of experience in Jiu Jitsu Sanuces Ryu to provide a comprehensive and safe training experience. Our program is designed … Read more